Tweet World Travel kicks off 2022 with Authentic & Sustainable Local Tourism Economy

tweet world travel kicks off 2022 with authentic & sustainable local tourism economy


Tweet World Travel has always valued an authentic, vivid, and memorable travel experience. With the devastating impacts of Covid-19 on economies around the world, sustainable and ethical tourism offers a way to travel with purpose and support local communities and economies through social, economic, and environmental means. In 2022, Tweet World Travel is seeking to provide travellers with quality, immersive experiences, whilst also benefitting local communities and economies through more than 100,000 tours and activities in 180 countries around the world.

Travellers who are seeking a meaningful travel experience can find ways to make a positive impact, as Tweet World Travel prioritises community-based tourism:

All of our tour itineraries are unique, and while they do cover the must-see sights at each destination, they also give travellers the opportunity to interact with local communities, local tradition, and the way locals live by visit local traditional villages which you probably won’t find on Google. For Tweet World Cruises we charter ships that are small enough to dock in the heart of each city and customise the route to be unique and exclusive to us. From the route itself to the shore excursions which are re-designed to offer guests a truly authentic experience, you won’t find our itineraries offered by any other company” says Thuy Carroll, Founder & CEO of Tweet World Travel Group.

“We work with tour guides who were born and raised locally, and who are well equipped with an extensive knowledge of the destinations. In this way we are able to provide rich knowledge and understanding of the environments, as well as contribute to the local economies, by employing local tour guides and drivers, and using local services.”

Tweet World Travel offers tours which include a unique ‘local host’ experience. Whilst where our tour guides will observe what the group’s common interests are and suggest a local experience that everyone would enjoy. Activities could include visiting a local family known to the tour guide to better understand daily life in the regional countryside of Vietnam, visiting a school to engage with the community, or visiting a local who weaves cotton fabrics in their own home. As such, these tours provide ways to genuinely engage with communities and local culture, so visitors aren’t left as an outsider in a foreign environment.

There is no need to fear the superficiality and overcrowding which is often the imagined reality of travel tours, as Tweet World Travel aims to create genuine and meaningful connections for travellers no matter which destination they choose: “Our tour groups are purposely kept small, with a maximum of 16 people to reduce our footprints and keep the experience as immersive as possible. There are no big buses that disrupt local daily life, nor contribute to traffic congestion and emissions in destinations which already suffer from these. Ultimately, the aim of our trips is to blend into daily life to experience the real sights and culture.”

The company’s charity foundation, Tweet World Foundation, was registered in 2020 as a platform which epitomises one of the company’s biggest values: giving back.

“We focus on giving back home in Australia, and also for disadvantaged communities in some of the most poverty-stricken regions in Asia. We support organizations like the Beyond Blue charity in Adelaide, local Cambodian schools where we support the salaries of teachers to make sure education is available in rural regions, and orphanages in Vietnam.”

Anyone who travels with Tweet World Travel can be certain to come home with invaluable memories and experiences, and knowing that their travel has contributed to making a positive impact for the local communities in whichever destination they choose.


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