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As an established Tour Operator and Travel Wholesaler, with more than 20 years’ experience, we understand the challenges facing travel companies. We have utilised our extensive experience and knowledge of the travel industry’ dynamics to develop cutting edge solutions tailored to the travel industry which will ultimately lead to your exponential revenue growth. Understanding that every business is unique, we have responded with a high level of customisability and efficiency within our tech solutions.

Our eCommerce Travel Platform enhanced technology driven by smooth front end customer experiences. Facilitated by our effective tour/cruise booking engine with latest searching technology, customer will significantly save valuable time in searching and making bookings instantly. A powerful dashboard with online reservation management system connecting to CRM.

Access our Travel eCommerce Platform without maintaining multiple APIs and get the best content, and the tools you need to manage travel at every touchpoint. Through our subscription, you have access to our Travel eCommerce Platform and the unrivalled travel content we have amassed, along with our leading shared business logic that includes searching, price structuring and profiling technologies.

Our platform is a perfect suit to a wide range of travel companies including OTA, Wholesalers, Tour Operators and Retail Travel Agencies

High Security and Stable Performance

...with latest technologies

Real-time Product Availability

...with latest contents

Highly Customised Modules suit any plaforms

Multiple Responsive Channels

...with powerful Dashboard

High Accuracy and Fast Delivery

...of data feeds

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Why Tweet World Travel
  • True eCommerce Travel booking website, offering multiple customization options to match your branding
  • Automated online promotion program set up & prompt professional support for you and your customers.
  • Various tools, widgets and banners available for your website to drive traffic and sales.
  • Manage your business with one single login: Reservations Management, CRM, Contents and Suppliers Management, Turnover Report and Sales Statistic; Workplace Collaboration, plus more.
  • Our platform’s enhanced technology is driven by smooth front end customer experiences, and facilitated by our effective tour/cruise booking engine with latest search technology
  • Our platform's backend features a powerful dashboard offering supportive management consoles to your business at every touchpoint.
  • 24/7, hands-on support for reservation and technical enquiries, as our in-house support team ensures all partners can leverage the program to its full potential.
  • Benefits of Using Our Platform
  • Manage your whole business with one single login, strengthen your brand and increase your revenue opportunities
  • You are working directly with an experienced and established tour operator and wholesaler
  • You can earn revenue on a vast range of inventory for Asia Tours and Worldwide River Cruises.
  • Through one simple programming interface you can intergate other product’s API into our platform
  • Gain a significant online presence, boost customer’s satisfaction, keep track of your business at every touchpoint
  • Various tools, widgets and banners available for your website to drive traffic and sales
  • Enjoy 24/7, hands-on support for reservation and technical enquiries, as our in-house support team ensures all partners can leverage the program to its full potential
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration among different departments
  • Easy to create/post your own product on our platform
  • Simple and responsive platform to use and manage
  • Create an invoice/voucher in one click
  • Create tour content in less than 10 minutes
  • Track the progress of your customers’ journey
  • White Label - how it works
    white label features
    Our Platform Features

    1- eCommerce Site with multiple responsive channels online booking engines

  • A wide-range variety of eCommerce templates to select
  • 2- A powerful Dashboard with:

  • Online reservation management and payment processing system.
  • Travel CRM including Sales Statistic Report, supplier’s PO management, inventory availability control, Invoices
  • Customer management
  • Content posting management
  • Workplace collaboration
  • Your website & products performance
  • Features - eCommerce Site
  • Latest search technology at the front-end to ensure most relevant content is returned to the customers in a blink.
  • Combination of multiple responsive channel online booking engines, so your clients will have a great shopping experience.
  • A secured, robust online reservation system, so your clients could confidently enjoy their online shopping
  • Display enormous inventory of bookable Asia Tours & Worldwide River Cruises at competitive pricing, so your customers can book your product, anywhere in the world through your site.
  • Display live availability of product inventory with prices displayed in muti-currencies
  • Convenient shopping experience with related trips and shopping cart
  • Display a clear layout and easy-to-navitage user interface
  • Display latest offers, deals and promotions
  • white label features
    White Label - how it works
    Features - Built-in Workplace Collaboration & Travel CRM in a Powerful Dashboard
  • Workforce collaboration - Tasks Management
  • Employees timesheet & report with clock in/clock out
  • Employees Roles and Permission Management
  • Online chat & reservation support
  • Online reservation management
  • Payment processing system for both customer and supplier
  • Supplier’s Purchase Order and Inventory Management
  • Bookings and Invoices
  • Deals and Promotion
  • Task, Event & Trip Management
  • Ticket & Travel Management
  • Account & Report Management
  • Customer Management
  • Agent commision structure and payment
  • Features - Key Performance Indicator Management and Customer Engagement
  • Sales, Turnover Report and Statistic
  • Enjoy a streamlined Reservations Management
  • Your website performance monitoring
  • Supplier’s Purchase Order & Inventory Availability Control
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Contents/Posts Management
  • white label features